Boris Bally

All materials are recycled Aluminum Traffic Signs. Might have minor scratches - the signs are used after all!

Where do you get your signs from and how often is delivery made to your studio?
Boris Bally: "The signs come from various sources.  As far away as from Pittsburgh, Annapolis, MD, and Manitoba/Canada, and as close as a Providence scrap yard. I never get them the same way twice and they RARELY ‘come to my studio.’ Often, they are a ‘tip’ from someone who knows my work, or a scrap dealer that knows I will pay top dollar.  

The last few dumps have come from the RI DOT (Dept. of Transportation). I used to buy 14,000 lbs from them when I bid on the load.  Now I find out who wins the state bid and buy from them (they let me pick.)  

My favorite caches are from long overseen/collected DPW aluminum scrap piles (Dept. of Public Works.) I have a German sign/antique collector who swings through Providence from Manitoba annually and trades signs with me. My most recent loads were acquired from the City of Pawtucket and the City of Newport. These cities tend to have to oldest, weirdest signs. I get about 2-5 loads annually."